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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Vernon Robinson and the Art of the Negative Campaign

I was listening to Talk Radio this morning and heard a blatantly negative, misleading, disrespectful and distasteful radio ad by Vernon Robinson, candidate for Congress in the 13th District.

Aliens, flag burning, gay marriage and homosexuals, (oh yeah-even foreign homosexuals), ultra liberal, amnesty, free give aways to Aliens, blah, blah, blah. You'd think I'd see all this coming out of the Bestway on the corner. He's already playing to fear, anger, and the dark side of the 13th District.

Traditional American Values....I think not. You'd expect more from a graduate of the Air Force Academy. An ALIEN to the 13th, Mr. Robinson will soon learn.

The citizens of the 13th Congressional District are salt of the earth, hard working, God fearing, responsible, and the fabric of the heartland in North Carolina. We are urban and rural, young and elderly, and will do the right thing. And I'm talking about both Democrats and Republicans. Good people. These folks are more hopeful than negative and they want a better lives for their children and communities. We want and need representation in Congress that doesn't embarrass, but truly serves our needs.

Vernon Robinson is out of touch, and soon, he will lose another campaign.

Remembering Tom Brown...

My thoughts and prayers are with the family of Tom Brown.

Tom was the former Mayor of Oak Ridge and I considered him a friend. I met Tom when he ran for County Commissioner in 1998. While he lost that campaign, he went on to become Mayor and represented that area of the county well. I spoke with Tom about a month ago related to the Horse Show in Oak Ridge. We had a pleasant conversation and I let him know how much I appreciated his leadership over the last several years.

Let's hope there will be more elected officials like Tom Brown....

Monday, April 24, 2006

Survey USA....on the US Senate.

Check out the poll on the job approval of US Senators...

Register of Deeds Office Renovation...

Our High Point office has been repainted, carpeted, and new workstations have been installed. Pictures will be forthcoming.

There are a few loose ends though. There are a few hanging cables so please hang in there with us! We hope that will be finished by week's end!

NC Voter Education's Voter Guide for Judicial Races

NC Voter Ed does great work in NC helping the public get to know candidates that many of us never hear from---Judicial Candidates. Check out the 2006 Voter Guide before you cast your vote!

Chris Heagarty is their Executive Directer and was recognized as one of the top twenty lobbyists in NC. Sometimes being a lobbyist can be a good thing when you are helping the public shape our judiciary!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Guilford Office User Meeting Today is BIG SUCCESS!

As a part of the implementation process of the new computer system, we held a user meeting today in Greensboro. There were 23 attorneys, paralegals, and title searchers who attended the meeting. They received a preview of our new real estate search component and offered feedback to our staff, and vendor, Business Information Systems.

A BIG THANKS to Forsyth Register of Deeds staff Chief Assistant Karen Gordon and Vault Supervisor Christine Creech. They attended the meeting. Both Forsyth and Guilford Counties will have many similarities.

Dickie Woods, Forsyth County Register of Deeds has been a great help throughout our process and their office is much appreciated.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Janet Mason and Marriage in North Carolina

In the same edition of Popular Government, Janet Mason has a piece on marriage law.

A Metamorphosis in the Maintenance of Land Records

Chuck Szypszk is a faculty member at the NC Institute of Government. This is a great article on changes in land records relating to Register of Deeds offices!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

2005 Year-End Accomplishments

Under the picture, check out the 2005 Year-End Accomplishments at Yes we are into April 2006, but this document is still very relevant. The priorites are the same for 2006.

The thumbnail overview follows: A number of Quick Win office changes; employees created vision; mission, and we have 3 clear priorities (technology enhancement, customer service, and improving internal operations)and they are listed in the document. Tangible progress has been made...a new computer software system; recording area in Greenboro renovated; and High Point office is being renovated.

There will be more to come.

Take a look....

Sunday, April 02, 2006

April 1st 2006- Top Ten from Sojourners

Top 10 most shocking events yet to happen in 2006

10. Secular northern Europeans riot and burn American fast-food franchises after misinterpreting reruns of Yosemite Sam cartoons as crude mockeries of their beloved Friedrich Nietzsche.

9. Karl Rove resigns, saying he wants to spend more time attempting to salvage his family's sagging approval ratings.

8. Michael Moore ambush-interviews Jimmy Carter while producing a shocking documentary to expose the seamy underbelly of international peacemaking.

7. Abramoff corruption scandal spans party lines as Libertarian and Green Party officials are implicated.

6. Russ Feingold gets little support from Democratic colleagues in his attempt to congressionally censure Arizona for beating Wisconsin in the first round of the NCAA tournament.

5. Imprisoned ex-head of state and war criminal Charles Taylor uses his one phone call to ask Pat Robertson to bail him out with the gold Robertson's company mined in Liberia.

4. Jim Wallis and Jerry Falwell set aside their differences for a celebrity JELL-O wrestling match to benefit cancer research.

3. Tom Cruise leaves Church of Scientology to become a Christian Scientist. "I'm really into science," says Cruise.

2. Afghan court sentences man to death for converting to metric system.

1. Congressional Republicans agree to amnesty for all illegal long as they promise to vote Republican.