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Friday, September 30, 2005

Coming to Terms with the Past- Moving Toward the Future.

Along with Mayor ProTem Yvonne Johnson, I testified at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Third Public Hearing.

Here is my snapshot comments: We need to understand the past, good or bad, and learn from it for the future; how we frame discussions determines the outcome; Greensboro has PTSD to some degree; more investigative reporting is needed; Kmart is legitimate example of issue no one wanted to talk about and later many took credit for when resolved. An example that maybe we can find resolution in Nov. 3rd 1979 events.

I can divide Guilford County with four words-Billy Yow/Skip Alston. (I respect the both) but when those issues involving them the county is divided immediately. The are responsible to some degree for their actions but a reflection that we have difficult time dealing with race, poverty, and community conflict due to our history; I disagreed with the N&R reporting on the Commission in last two articles but appreciated the audio and the exchange this week in the Op-Ed section between Marty Nathan and Mike Schlosser. I appeciate Capt. Ball's testimony and front line officers that day. We also need to understand the civil trial's implications on law enforcement and learn from it.

Here are Recommendations made to the Commission

1. A clear strategy and plan is needed for distribution of the Final Report.

· Small group meetings should be held with print and television media, business and political leaders as the Final Report is released.

· The reports core findings should promote an informed understanding of the details easily glossed over by T.V. and newspaper reports.

· A vibrant web presence would maximize availability of the report and allow for public discussion of its content.

2. Commission recommendations on Reconciliation should be based on a clear set of principals to achieve desired results and can be evaluated in time.

· These principals can guide public involvement.

3. The Commission’s recommendations should address the specific need for Reconciliation and improved relationships between the African-American Community and the Law Enforcement. (This is an issue for every major urban area in the United States).

4. The Commission should explore the viability of Public Hearings on the Topic of Reconciliation and/or to communicate the Commission’s Final Report.

5. The Greensboro Human Relations Commission should have an active role once the commission’s findings are released and support the Reconciliation process in an appropriate fashion.

6. I urge Mayor Holliday to call on the Mosaic Partnership participants also to review the findings of the Final Report and make recommendations on addressing any issues regarding the need for racial reconciliation.

Monday, September 26, 2005

FEMA Director George W. Bush Showcases Post-Hurricane Plan!

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Photo-op centerpiece...

Triad Orioles Win Men's Senior Baseball League Tournament!

With our backs against the wall 6-0 going into the 3rd Inning, Your Triad Orioles fought their way back to victory 9-6 in the final innings and won the MSBL Tournament!

Neil Jackson pitched a great game. As catcher I can vouch for him. The game was filled with great defensive plays and bursts of offense that kept you on the edge of your seat!

Truly a team effort and we are all looking forward to the off-season to heal toes, wrists, knees, arms, backs and everything else we left on the field yesterday!!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Orioles and Mets are in a War!!!

Game 1: Mets 5 - Orioles 0 Mets lead 1-0
Game 2: Orioles 10 - Mets 3 Series tied 1-1
Game 3 Mets vs. Orioles Championship Game

We rebounded after a crushing loss on Sunday to win Game 2 last night. Orioles finally broke out of an 11 inning scoreless streak. Thigpen masters art of "dink" hits last night. I don't care though, we won.

Third and Final Game of the Best of Three Championship Series will be on Sunday at 1 pm at Leonard Rec. Center in Greensboro!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I know where Bill Clinton is!

Clinton's Global Initiative meets this weekend in New York. I had to cancel my RSVP.

If I were not playing in our MSBL Championship Tournament I'd be attending.

Where is Jimmy Carter When You Need Him?!?

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President Bush’s job approval rating took a hit in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, dropping to a historic low of 41%, a new Zogby America poll reveals.

The same survey found the nation’s forty-third president would lose election contests against all of his predecessors since Jimmy Carter.

Bush 44%
Clinton 46%

GW 34%
Daddy (41) 41%

Bush 20%
Reagan 59%

Bush 42%
Carter 50%

The bad news for Democrats is GW beats John Kerry 48% to 47%. What does that say about Democrats today?

Where is Ken Starr When You Need Him?!?

President Bush tapped a White House Aide to lead the Hurricane Katrina investigations. That investigation coupled with Senate Republicans, I'm sure they can lead an independent investigation to find the truth!

Republican independent investigators are very focused and will get to the bottom of this....

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Friday, September 16, 2005

See Power Point on 2005 Legislation as it related to Register of Deeds offices!

Guilford County Register of Deeds just put a link up to a powerpoint presentation to show the impact of 2005 NC General Assembly legislation. It covers the mortgage satisfaction act, e-recording, and identity theft!

Triad Orioles in MSBL Championship Series!

After a dog fight of a series, the Triad Orioles won the decisive game over the Reds in a Best of 3 game series. Todd Jenkins was the winning pitcher and JP Looney's Jaime had 4 RBI in the victory.

We will begin our Best of 3 game series for the championship beginning Sunday at 4 pm at Leonard Recreation Center in Greensboro. Admission is free.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Two Americas.....its clear.

I've heard the discussions about race and poverty related to Hurricane Katrina, the action or non-action by the federal government after the levies broke and the town flooded. The discussions, assessments of what's going on is truly chaotic. Fingers are being pointed at FEMA, Louisiana Governor, and some at Mayor Nagin on the response and the issues not addressed through the federal budget like slashing red tape and non-allocation of monies to upgrade the levy system.

I've heard many whites truly empathetic, and others just focus on the looting stories. African-Americans that I've talked to just shrug their heads and offer little comment. It's like they are not surprised by what happened, not just the response, but a reflection of accumulated history.

I also heard a lady on the radio that lives in New Orleans who will not leave and doesn't even trust those who could give her help. Others have said it was their own fault that they live in an area below sea level, like all the residents just said, "Hey! Let's live below sea level!"

Rest assured, whether we like it or not, the "Two Americas" interpretation of events is not just a result of what's happening, but in my opinion its a clear connection to how people of color and poor people feel about the direction of our country in general and this is just an occasion for it to come to the surface.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans radio interview-- Dear Feds: GET OFF YOUR &%^$!!"

You need to hear this. "They are spinning....and people are dying down here".