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Monday, April 24, 2006

NC Voter Education's Voter Guide for Judicial Races

NC Voter Ed does great work in NC helping the public get to know candidates that many of us never hear from---Judicial Candidates. Check out the 2006 Voter Guide before you cast your vote!

Chris Heagarty is their Executive Directer and was recognized as one of the top twenty lobbyists in NC. Sometimes being a lobbyist can be a good thing when you are helping the public shape our judiciary!


  • Thanks, Jeff for posting this link. I had seen this before but overlooked the Judicial Guide section. The fact that party affiliation is no longer on the ballot will make the judicial voting harder, but probably better for a voter willing to prepare (which face it, most of us aren't). In general I'm pretty disappointed at how difficult it is to find good information out about the candidates and issues. I'm dumbfounded that many of the candidates don't even have information submitted in the Voter Guide (Kissel and Glass are losing moderate Dem votes like mine from this lack of information--how do you fail to get your statement on the non-partisan Voter Guide???).

    By Anonymous Jason Smith, at 9:34 PM  

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