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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Mark Warner

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A certain choice for Vice-President on ANY DEMOCRATIC TICKET...Mark Warner pulls out of a presidential bid.

"It’s not a decision I have easily reached. I made it after a lot of discussion with my family and a few close friends, and ultimately a lot of reflection, prayer, and soul-searching.

Let me also tell you what were not the reasons for my decision.

This is not a choice that was made based on whether I would win or lose. I can say with complete conviction that—15 months out from the first nomination contests—I feel we would have had as good a shot to be successful as any potential candidate in the field."

I really liked his emphasis on increasing technology in Virginia state government. I'm sure we'll see him on down the road. I also liked the way he campaigned in every part of Virginia, especially the southern and southeast part. He didn't write off rural areas and the Nascar vote as a Democrat.


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