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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

"Flame" and Chic-Fil-a

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The City of Greensboro Fire Department entertained about 30 kids yesterday afternoon at the Chic-Fil-a in the Friendly Shopping Center. Flame, the Fire Department clown, and their puppet show lasted for about 40 minutes.

Here is a brief synopsis: Wear a helmet on scooters! Dance! When jumping in a pool--1st jump should be feet first. (Oh yeah, forgot that one) Know 911....Dance! When their is a fire in the home--get down on the floor crawl, touch doors before opening them. If hot, go to the windows and open them and of course, YELL! Dance!

They brought a dog- dalmation- typical fire dog with a heart shape over his right eye. The dog basically did all the drills AND DANCED! This was a shameful moment for all parents who had the crushing realization that we don't take fire safety as important as we should. You know, if you can teach a dog, there is no excuse related to teaching your children!

Great puppet show and the kids loved it! To schedule a visit, please call Greensboro Fire Prevention at ph. 373-2177 and ask for Flame!


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