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Monday, August 08, 2005

Congress should get involved and take action re: Major League Baseball Drug Policies!

Rep. Patrick McHenry (NC) discusses his position on drug testing in Major League Baseball in the News and Observer. I agree with his position.

As a baseball player (MSBL- Orioles Senior League Farm Team- haha), I am really disappointed in the cloud surrounding many potential Hall of Fame players- McGuire, Palmiero, Bonds, Ivan Rodriquez, and others. I agree with Washington Nationals Coach Frank Robinson. "If they used the juice and its proven, then it's just like they didn't play". With the hyper-modern home run races over the last few years, its interesting the #'s are reduced in proportion to the light now being shed on the doping issues. It smells and looks really bad. Something should be done immediately and more than MLB's doing now.

What's the juice? Androstenedione; Tetrahydrogestrinone (THG), Gestrinone and Trenbolone and other anabolic steriods that build muscle mass.


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