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Saturday, July 30, 2005

CAFTA and US Rep. Robin Hayes (NC)

Last night I was giving my daughter a bath and thinking about..well.. Robin Hayes. Hmmn, a vote for CAFTA and the deal is that the Bush Administration get tough on trade with China. What does that REALLY mean?

I pondered that thought as I grabbed the bathtime goodies....

Ok, well, what about Elmo and Cookie Monster tub minitures? Made in China. The little frogs that stick to the tub sides? Made in China. The little water cups, blue, green, yellow and red to gather water. Made in China. Washcloths? China. Floormat? You guessed it---China. Later I looked at the clothing- which is supposed to be the deal maker with Rep. Hayes. Don't ask! Can you say China? My daughter can now, sounds like "SINA".

I listened to a 16 year old teenager on NPR this morning bemoan the idea of trouble with China. "What will happen to all my hair products?", she said, " What would happen...would we go back to wearing buns in our hair!?!!"

Somehow I think China and the Bush Administration got the best out the deal and I'm still trying to figure out Robin Hayes. The deal looks like it will be "Get tough on NC trade" Can someone help me?

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