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Monday, July 25, 2005

Take a HIKE GOP Chairman Ferrell Blount! Pender County doesn't need your JUNK Mail

GOP Chairman Ferrell Blount takes a page out of the 1995 Federal GOP Government Shutdown Handbook last week. Someone forgot to tell him it failed and the eat-your-own buffet is out of date as well.

I'm a Democrat whose hometown is Burgaw, NC. Carolyn Justice is a Republican legislator representing Pender County- (Burgaw is the town seat). Sure she's Republican, but she's my people and all -- even if I don't I agree with her on some things.

In other words Ferrell, as a Democrat, you are doing a great job for us in the next election! I love your tax philosophy and views on limited government. Oh I'm sorry, I mean no government.

Ferrell, as a fly on the wall..... you need to get a grip. Unless you have a really good primary opponent in the wings for Carolyn Justice, you REALLY need to get a grip.


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