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Monday, July 25, 2005

Basnight has a flat tire..... story courtesy of State Government Radio.

House member helps keep senate leader rollin,’ rollin’ Legislative leaders showed last week that in a crisis, the can patch things up. As he prepared to head home Thursday, Senate President Pro Tem Marc Basnight discovered that he had a flat tire, according to a report in the Winston-Salem Journal.
A rear tire on Basnight’s Ford Expedition had sunk almost to the ground in the garage under the Legislative Building. And David Murdock, the billionaire owner of Dole Food Co., was scheduled to eat at Basnight’s restaurant in Nags Head.
So, Rep. Jim Crawford, D-Granville, popped open the trunk on his nearby Lexus and pulled out an electric air pump that he used to inflate Basnight’s tire.
“When things went flat around here, just remember who got things back on track,” said Crawford, a lead budget negotiator for the House.
“That’s what we do around her – We plug a lot of leaks,” Basnight said.
“Tell (House Speaker Jim) Black I agree with everything you want,” Basnight told Crawford. Then he drove off to get the tire fixed and fix Murdock’s dinner.


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