Jeff L. Thigpen Register of Deeds

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Jeff's statement on the use of Automated Enhancement and Preservation Funds in the Guilford County FY 04-05 Budget

Commissioner Jeff Thigpen and the Guilford County Board of Commissioners passed their FY 04-05 budget on Thursday, June 22nd.

The Register of Deeds recommended budget included $450,000 of projected revenues and fund balance for an electronic receipting, cashiering, and indexing system for the Recording section.

Jeff supports the allocation of the $450,000 for its intended purpose, but favors an open Request for Proposals (RFP) process which includes coordination with county staff including the advice and coordination with Information Technology, Tax and Planning, and Register of Deeds employees before signing any contracts for services. He believes if history is any indication, the current leadership in the Deeds office needs to fundamentally change its approach to the RFP process.

"A main priority I'll take to the Deeds office is integrated technology", said Jeff. "The Register of Deeds office should not be an island of automation in process or outcome in selecting a new system for the Recording section. That means including employees, management, other department directors, and the public to some degree more than its currently seeing in its process for a new system".

Monday, July 12, 2004

Jeff speaks to VOICE about Register of Deeds office on Sunday, June 11th!

Jeff spoke on Sunday, June 11th to V.O.I.C.E (Vote On Immediate Change Everywhere)a coalition of diverse citizens encouraging citizens to act responsibly and vote Democratic in the upcoming 2004 elections.

The event was held at the Empire Room in downtown Greensboro and was attended by several hundred Democratic/Independant/uncommitted voters. Jeff talked about the importance of the Register of Deeds office in our everyday lives and urged those attending to vote in the July 20th primary and November general elections!

Jeff was joined at the event by his wife Michelle and daughter Elle. Other public officials in attendance included Congressman Brad Miller, Secretary of State Elaine Marshall, Sen. Kay Hagan, Sen Katie Dorsett, Rep. Maggie Jeffus, candidates-Pricey Harrison for NC House of Representatives, and many local candidates for public office.

Thigpen judges ribs at RIBFEST in downtown Greensboro!

Jeff and daughter Elle were judges in the "Best Ribs" contest at the successful RIBFEST in the Center City Park in downtown Greensboro this past Saturday July 10th! Additional judges included Mayor Keith Holliday and John Hammer from the Rhino Times newspaper.

Jeff took part in this event after a day of campaigning in Greensboro!

Friday, July 09, 2004

From the Archives: Elle Thigpen meets Sen. George Mitchell

We've included a snapshot of Elle Thigpen with Sen. George Mitchell's book, "Making Peace." Jeff was Guilford County's host to Sen. Mitchell when he visited early this spring, but Elle stole his attention and offered some insightful suggestions to the Senator about international conflict resolution. Keep an eye out for Elle Thigpen for US Senate in 2064!

Elle with George Mitchell's "Making Peace" Posted by Hello

Senater Mitchell's note to Elle Thigpen Posted by Hello