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Friday, December 07, 2007

Martin Lancaster

President Martin Lancaster stepped into the morass of the illegal immigration debate in North Carolina and the country through his actions this week. I appreciate his pushing of the issue and I'm glad the Attorney General will review the law. But to paraphrase Gov. Easley, I agree "the federal government and Congress need to get off their BUTTS, close the border" and create a comprehensive approach to dealing with the issue.

As a former college admission counselor, I saw first hand some very talented and hardworking kids miss the opportunity to further their education because of status issues. I don't know what the comprehensive solution will look like, but a combination of education, enforcement of existing laws, earned citizenship, and closing the borders will be a part of that effort. Unless the federal government reforms immigration policy, it is unlikely that the students will ever return home. Without reform and engaging these highly complex and tough issues with integrity, things will not get better.


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