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Monday, August 22, 2005

2 THOSE WHO CARE: Marie B. Stanley

If I ever get around to writing a book about being an elected official I'm going to have a section on committed citizenship. Marie B. Stanley will be featured. Mrs. Stanley attended about every meeting in my six years as a County Commissioner. She successfully lobbied our Board, meeting after meeting, and in my 5th year on the Board--we funded the Mobile Medical Unit. That was her burning passion and desire for the citizens of Guilford County. A desire born out of her life experience due to her husband's stroke and decline.

To have a van that would check on the elderly in their homes. Those too sick to go without help, but not needing or wanting a prolonged hospital stay.

She is a primary example that one person can make a difference in a lasting way. I attended the 2 Those Who Care banquet tonight just because I appreciate her determination and spirit.

In her words, she's one great reason why "we should not forget to help the helpless!" (Usually at this point 30 seconds after the speaker's from floor buzzer has sounded) :}


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