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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Mecklenburg County Commissioners honor Confederate History Week! Guilford next?

Mecklenburg County Commissioners made next week Confederate History Week at a recent meeting. Who said Guilford County Commissioners were backwards?

Yes, I had ancestors who fought in the Civil War for the Confederate Army and I'd never want to dishonor a human life or my ancestry. BUT, I see these current efforts more as attempts to create subtle racial division, and revise history such that white supremacy is somehow justifiable and socially acceptible. Honor the dead, skip the condemnation of slavery. No big deal.

And I'm sure I'll hear from folks about the NAACP and reverse racism on the one hand. We should not forget our southern heritage on the other.

Let's honor the dead by working toward building the American Dream for everyone. We have a special responsibility especially in the South to work toward this goal based on our confederate history.

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  • Read some History - the war was about taxes and Northern Industrialists using Congress to enslave the Southern States because the Northern States would not allow us to count slaves as full individuals - only 3/5. After the war the North then passed amendments to the Constitution that effectively eliminated states rights and opened the door to giving illegals the same rights as citizens. While you are at it read in the Constitutional debates about the difference between an individual and a citizen.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:12 PM  

  • My comment was a more contemporary reflection on current efforts to "create subtle racial division, and revise history such that white supremacy is somehow justifiable and socially acceptible." I stand by that statement.

    I surely acknowledge this issues of taxes, Northern Industrialists, etc. and am not naive about history. On your link: Myth 1- I agree. Myth 2- Open to debate. "We hold these truths...with the exception of because its
    voluntary... are you saying 4 million in bondage is fine with you? Myth 3- Check out some Lincoln in 1864 around Emancipation Proclaimation time. He's singing a different tune. Myth 4- Constitutions are the first casualty of a CIVIL WAR! What do you expect? Myth
    5- I'm sure there is truth that union soldiers acted impromptly and history should not condone it, but Lincoln was a great president in my opinion and sought to lead
    our nation through its most difficult time. Myth 6- It was not ended then, please tell me when it would have?

    By Blogger Jeff L. Thigpen, at 9:27 AM  

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