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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dean Smith, Michael Jordan, Roy Williams and Geraldine "Carolina Mama" Thigpen

It was ALMOST 25 years ago when I witnessed Michael Jordan launch that 16 footer that gave Coach Smith his 1st National Championship in 1982 at the Super Dome in New Orleans. My brother Michael (State Fan and middle child...his only defense) and I went to the game with my mom Geraldine and our Uncle Julian Lewis. (Rabid UNC fans!)

The Wilmington Star News is planning a 25 year piece that should come out in the next few days. Geraldine "Carolina Mama" Thigpen will be interviewed tomorrow morning for the piece by Neil Amato. My sister laughed when she told me "Yeah, the guy called and told me he'd just gotten off the phone with Michael Jordan and Dean Smith. I gave him mama's phone number".

With car plates UNC-MOM, tapes, pictures, and stories, Neil will have his hands full! Only those who know Carolina Mama understand her persona. She is a true southeastern NC legend.

I look forward to reading about Pender County's undisputed #1 Carolina Fan!


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