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Friday, March 16, 2007

GUIL-TOID: Guilford Center deals with Substance Abuse Issues

The Guilford Center has been discussing a proposal with key public partners about implementing a community-wide system of care for substance abuse treatment.

This modified system would establish an on-going substance abuse academy to train staff within these public agencies about addiction, client engagement and induction strategies, and evidence based practices. A community team composed of public partners would be created following this training that would target its efforts to increase community awareness of science based perspectives of substance use disorders, to reduce stigma impeding service access for substance abusers, and to facilitate referrals to treatment. This community team project is being underwritten by the Duke Endowment through a grant to the North Carolina Evidence Based Practice Center in collaboration with the Greensboro AHEC and Duke University. Paul Nagy, Program Director of the Duke Additions Program, will be facilitating this initiative in partnership with the Guilford Center. Mr. Nagy is a national expert in substance abuse treatment. He and his colleagues at Duke have been providing the Guilford Center with training, consultation and technical assistance for over 7 years.


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