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Monday, June 27, 2005

Supreme Court goes into the Bed Room of Guilford County Government!

The Supreme Court decision re: Ten Commandments demands scrutiny on a case-by case basis to determine whether the display of the 10'C's go too far in amounting to a governmental promotion of religion. What does spin does this spell for our elected heroes?!?

I support having the Ten commandments in the commissioner meeting room. Of course I used them for religious purposes while on the Board. I prayed for a number of things--- audio difficulties; votes without comment; adjournment; lightning-(directed at the my choice of commissioner); and an occasional meditation on the dirty word (a%%) in the 10th commandment --at times of disagreement with my fellow board members. Why should we deprive our county elected officials of these centering prayers under the ol' Hang 10?!?

This ruling could be far-reaching in scope! Taking them down in Guilford County would just make for bad precedent. If they come down I might have to take Moses' marriage Certificate out of my Vital Records Area. That would not be cool...

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  • new blogging legislator from utah........John Dougall...

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