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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Whippersnapper goes High Tech!

Rhino Times gives an update on the Whippersnapper's time in the Deed's office!

I like Scott Yost whose yearly salary is $37,500, not including car allowance and his many assets. (Just joking, I don't know those things.) Scott Yost, for all you political historians, was the Libertarian Candidate for Governor in 1996 garnering 17304 votes, 0.7% of the electorate. He mentions my salary in the Rhino at every chance. I told him that I haven't increased personal spending because of the debt accumulated from being a county commissioner! That issue will be covered in a future blog spot on the economics of being a Guilford County Commissioner.

Please contact me directly if anyone knows Scott Yost's yearly salary!

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