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Friday, May 27, 2005

ROD 101 Event: The Sprint and Distance Events!

As a commissioner, one can argue success (mostly) comes as a result of making positive big decisions in a small amount of time over your term. As an elected department director, success comes from hundreds of small positive decisions leading to a larger impact over your term.

My nephew Cameron, 10, and neice Brittany, 13, go to track meets. They were at Wake Forest this past weekend and between the two of em won 4 gold medals. Cameron was actually the MVP of the meet with 3 of the 4 medals. I got to thinkin'.....

If commissioners were runners they would mostly be sprinters. You go from one issue to another; or multiple issues quickly and it calls for agility and bursts of energy. The pace of a Department Director is like participating in a combination of events: part marathon; triathalon; and sprinting is needed mostly during budget time (or when computers go down and and customers are wondering what the @#$# is going on?)

Yes, Department Directors use different mental muscles. I'm not sprinting as much, but it is budget season. I'd define my current event as the triathalon. New computer system (Swimming); Internal Operations (Running); and Customer Service (Bicycling) in the ROD office.

The E-Newsletter and 100 Day Report will be coming out in the next couple of days. I'll add the link so you can check out how far we've gotten into the event!


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