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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Budget Presented to County Manager and Budget Director!

I remember walking through the waiting area in the County Manager's office as a Commissioner--watching Department Directors squirm and wait anxiously to present their annual budgets to the Manager. I'd laugh after I turned the corner.....and say to myself, "Yeah, Roger/Willie--stick it to em". Yesterday, I chuckled as I squirmed and waited anxiously to see myself enter the door so I could beat myself over the head!

Anyway, I'm requesting two new positions- a Business Systems Analyst (Computer geek) and an office specialist. Two top priorities are Technology Enhancement and Customer Service. Those two positions will help us make great strides in those areas.

In this budget, I'm small potatoes. Talked with EMS Director Alan Perdue. They are requesting 23 positions. Saw Sheriff BJ Barnes who is requesting 21 positions. WOW. In a way, it's understandable with our population increases and added responsibilities associated with these public services that increases in staff are needed. Oh yeah, I didn't mention the schools, did I?

Ouch....Great time to be a Commissioner!


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