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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Data Collection and Real Performance Measures for the Register of Deeds office!

I've never seen a business plan from our Register of Deeds office since I've been a commissioner. How does the Deeds office define success? How is it communicated to the public? I had an interesting email from someone who has worked in real estate and has an IT background and he offered a unique perspective on these kinds of issues.

The facts are the Board of Commissioners receives only limited information. JUST THE NUMBERS for the following areas: Real Estate documents/Pages Processed; Vital Records Recorded and Issued; Vault Records Processed; Cancellations: UCC's Filed; Marriage Liscenses Issued; UCC Terminations; Deeds Recorded; Deeds of Trust Recorded; Vault Copies; Copies of Birth, Deaths, and Marriages.

From my exchange I am clear: we need to develop a business plan for the Register of Deeds office. Here are a few areas I'll look at:

* implementation of an on-going system for collecting data--A GOOD MATRIX for (internal operations and consumer satisfaction) IE, Not only the #'s but-- Who uses our office? When do they use it? How much time does it take? Costs per document or interaction? comparative data.. stuff like that.

* a process of identifying, documenting, reporting, and investigating consumer satisfaction/dissatisfaction in a timely manner.

* evaluation measures for defining the strengths and weaknesses of the office; the creation of stakeholder involvement statements and process;

*developing a reporting mechanism online and interdepartmentally, and for public consumption regarding the Department.

If these kinds of measures are in place in the Register of Deeds office, I have not seen them.

As a commissioner with many other departments--I must admit this not just an issue for the Deeds office. But I would like the opportunity to create a new model. Here are some annual reports. I have not seen a model I like yet. I'll keep looking...

Brunswick County, NC
Rockingham County, NC
Wake County , NC


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