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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Remembering Owen Lewis

My friend Owen Lewis passed away Tuesday morning. I was pushing my daughter on her red swing Monday evening and an ambulance came by our house on Howard Street. For some reason thoughts of Owen came to mind. I saw the obituary this morning and my fears were confirmed.

I met Owen when I first ran for County Commissioner. First thing he said to me was that he was supporting the other guy. haha. I appreciated his honesty and candor--an appreciation experienced on quite a few occasions. Later on, Owen became a friend and supporter and I served with him on the Juvenile Crime Prevention Council. He later chaired the Council and I sought his advice on several issues of concern of the years.

Owen was also a DEMOCRAT! Yes, a DEMOCRAT- with a capital DEMOCRAT. **SMILE** He was always insightful and had a unique sense of humor. I'll miss him and appreciate his years of public service.

Betty, you are in my prayers and thoughts.


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