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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Jeff Thigpen endorses Republican Candidate in Vestal!

Jeff Valent is running for Town Council in Vestal New York. He has my enthusiastic support and encouragement! (Did I say he was my brother in law?)

Jeff has a great mind and he's an overall good guy. Against my better judgement and counsel....he is a Republican. I won't hold that against him. The election is non-partisan and we are both conservative on issues like wasteful inefficient government. He's proven to be a great sport when we fight it out on most holidays around some issue or another. He's reasonable and I have no doubt he'll use sound judgement on the Council. In addition, Jeff cooks a great meal. As you know, lots of change can happen around food so I'd look for immediate change. As a Hendrick Motorsports supporter (Jeff Gordon-24), I'll give him the benefit of the doubt even with my leanings toward Jimmie Johnson-48.

Vestal would have a great asset in Jeff's election and I look forward to following his campaign!

The primary is September 18th.

Valent for Vestal!!!


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