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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Guilford College Incident this past weekend

As a former student-athlete, appellate court member, alumnus, and employee in student admissions, I firmly believe Guilford College presents great opportunities for growth, change, and learning. That belief comes from personal expericence.

I find myself struggling through my immediate emotions: anger, disbelief, internal need (and external desire!) to draw conclusions around the acts of violence this past weekend. The combustible social ingredients composed of ethnic and racial slurs, violence, alcohol, involving domestic and Palestinian students, within our broader societal context are overwhelming. Practically conducive to gasoline on a fire compounding the situation.

I'm disheartened this took place at Guilford- a school that has a great vision, faculty, and students. I take consolation and have a great deal of confidence in the Guilford College community and their capacity to engage this difficult situation. I look forward to full accountability for those involved and my thoughts go out to them in the coming weeks.


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