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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Book Recommendation: Faith and Politics by John Danforth

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Lest we forget the "Christian moderate" this holiday season! That term was a joke. Anyway, I like Danforth's book because he's a political pragmatist and an ordained Episcopalian minister. He goes straight at the Christian right related to wedge issues like abortion, stem cell research, and gay marriage. In addition, he's mindfully skeptic of religious political agendas of the left as well. Discussion of the Love Commandment and a ministry of reconciliation are important for Danforth in faith and politics.

From Danforth's book: "If politics is the art of compromise, certainty is not really politics, for how can one compromise with God's own truth? Reconciliation depends on acknowledging that God's truth is greater than our own, that we cannot reduce it to any political platform we create, and God's truth is large enough to accommodate the opinions of all kinds of people, even those with whom we strongly disagree."


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