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Friday, May 05, 2006

Wade Concedes Commissioner Race

Trudy Wade conceded the 2004 Commissioner Race today.

I want to congratulate John Parks and look forward to working with him over the next several years. John and I served on the BOC together from 1998 to 2000. He gets sworn into office just in time for the budget message this coming Thursday!

I'd also like to wish Trudy well in post-commissioner life. Trudy and I agreed on some things and disagreed on others. I apologized to Trudy recently related to a comment I made in the Rhino during the 2004 campaign. I basically said if she wanted to be chairman we could appoint her to a board or commission of the board. I never felt good about that comment and I made it out of frustration. It was a cheap shot. Given a Republican majority and different reality, Trudy could have done a fine job as chairman. She accepted my apology and it was much appreciated. Again, I wish her well.

John walks into a $22 million GCS budget request, jail issues, and a tough budget cycle! Let the fun begin...


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