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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Accidents DOOOO Happen to Vice Presidents...

Back in 1988 (when I was sitting Vice-President of DECA at Pender High School) I went duck hunting with my brother and friends on the NE Cape Fear River outside of Burgaw NC.

The weather was a chilling 20 degrees outside at dawn that day. Our group was triangulated as a a flock of ducks came came speeding into our view. Several of them broke from the flock and moved toward the water and I followed them in the sights of my 12 gauge shotgun. Instinctively I pulled the trigger, only to find within seconds.......

I had sprayed several decoys.....yeah, innocent decoys huddled in the frigid waters. Plastic and Foam spead everywhere in a cloud of smoke as I released the trigger and recovered my senses. I had never been so ashamed of this act I perpetrated under the second amendment.

(My brother and his friends have NEVER let me forget)

While I did not spray a helpless 78 year old man with birdshot, it's important for us to remember accidents do happen. Let's not be too hard on our Vice President.


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