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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Remembering Sen. Ham Horton- Forsyth County

Ham was a good Republican. He kept it in the middle of the road and never really entered into personality politics. He was well reasoned in his arguments on policy and politics and I have his family in my thoughts and prayers.

I met Ham when I was interviewing for the NC Institute of Political Leadership in 1994. We entered into a discussion of welfare reform and exchanged views on several other issues. We disagreed on some things and grudginly agreed on others, but he made me think and I walked away from the interview better for the experience. I look back seeing how much more I needed to learn. He wore a bright bow tie and was introduced as a "Former NC Senator" and that put me on my toes. The discussion was the kind that featured an honorable adversary in views and good listening and exchange.

He returned to the NC Senate later that year and I made it into the NCIOPL. I'd like to think Ham supported my application. haha


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