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Thursday, December 15, 2005

DSS Bait and Tackle Shop!

I heard from John Shore, Guilford County DSS Director that low-income residents who cannot afford to purchase fishing will be able to get them from Social Service offices across NC as a result of the changes to the coastal recreational fishing license law. Being from Pender County, we just go fishing....but not anymore.

North Carolina has been the only state on the Southeast coast without a recreational license. Freshwater and commercial saltwater fishermen already must get licenses. Proceeds from the new coastal recreational licenses would go to grants to improve marine resources. Many believe the measure will benefit coastal fishing stocks in the long run.

The annual coastal license would cost $15 a year for residents and $5 for short-term permits. The new unified permit would cost $35 and would increase to $55 if the permit applicant also wanted to hunt. Children under 16 also would be exempt and poor anglers could possibly get free licenses.


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