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Friday, April 22, 2005

All Supervisors going through "Basic Supervisory Training"

As part of our overall reorganization, I am sending all supervisors through Basic Supervisor's Training conducted by Guilford County Human Resources. The trainings consist of 5 one-day workshops over the course of the next three weeks. The workshops cover basic supervisory roles and expectations to team building, ADA/FMLA issues, worker's compensation, Guilford County Personnel Regulations, conflict management, performance management and creating a respectful workplace.

I am participating with my supervisors in this training. We finished Team Building training today. This was the second training. The first was General Management Skills for Supervisors. The supervisors were actively engaged in the dialogue and exercises. Fred Starling with the HR Group, Inc. was a great workshop leader. He was enormously helpful and insightful throughout the training.

Sharisse Fuller does a great job as HR Director, deserves much credit for putting these trainings together and I appreciate the opportunity for Register of Deeds staff to attend!


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