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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

City Council decision not to support T&R Commission.

While I disagree with the decision, it was no surprise. The reality is that the decision reflects the positions of people in Greensboro in many ways. I can say this, I know. After all, they are, I have, and now am partially, elected by the citizens of Greensboro. There is a market for opposition and I know folks' names and faces. I'm sure members of Council sought to have a compromise resolution and it fell apart for reasons I'm not clear.

I believe the comments of Council members both pro and con should be listened to closely, chronicled, and seen as a "teachable moment" about how hard this work can be. The discussion was at times articulate even though I disagreed with certain argumentative statements. I'm not going to belabor the vote on along racial lines and I won't use this moment to chastise Council members who voted against it. That would be too superficial and continue to fuel the apprehension that manifested in the 3-6 vote.

Instead, the challenge is clear--the T&R process must continue to be vigilant and seek truth. Let's hope the process at its end will have answered the critique of Council and transcended their reservations and reasoning behind their decision not to support.


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