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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Another comment re: Truth and Reconciliation Commission

I was in the coffee shop this morning and heard this guy talking about the T&R commission. He said folks didn't know what they were talking about--"it was just a bunch of Nazis and Communists and they did exactly what they wanted to do--kill each other".

Now--what if a person like this used that kind of reasoning around, say, education. "Oh that kid is white trash-if he fails, he's just getting what he deserves because that's what white trash kids do--fail.
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Sure there were members of the Klan, Nazi, or Communist Parties and people were killed. But there's a little more to the story. Once again, I don't care if people have different views or opinions related to the T&R or 1979, or any issue for that matter. But folks need to use their noggin's. Stereotypical over-generalizations are a wonderful way to sow the seeds of a passive division, or passive denial about an emotionally charged issue that is not going away.....

That's why the discussion needs to continue.


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