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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Save $12! Iraq Study Group Report

Here's the Iraq Study Group Report. Paid $12 at Barnes in Noble last night.

New Diplomatic offensive and national reconciliation within Iraq came up lots on my internal key word search throughout the document.

I'm not sure if there are any silver bullets in the document. I believe there is more hope in mining and cultivating the relationships of those who contributed to the Report. Key leaders who contributed to the Report should be brought into the US diplomatic circles to help engage the Arab nations in moving forward in supporting Iraq reconstruction efforts. On the internal issues within the country, the document gives the reader enough information for you to realize how difficult the situation is on the ground for Iraqi leaders, our troops, and for prospects of progress toward a stable government.

I'm sure the Bush Administration will "push back" on some recommendations or repond, "but we are already working on this or that", but I'd encourage them to find some areas of agreement and selectively work with the Study Group on the diplomatic front at a minimum.

The document does a good job of thumbnailing the complexity of the issues and interests in just under 100 pages!


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