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Friday, June 30, 2006

County Manager in Guilford County

I want to wish Willie Best "the best" as he moves forward based on the commissioner meeting last night. I had a short conversation with him on Tuesday. The position of County Manager comes with tremendous stress, expectations, and in serving at the pleasure of the Board, ongoing uncertainty. I hope he is able to make a smooth transition and he has a lot to offer professionally in public administration.

David and Willie worked together over the past two years. David is very capable and, as a Department Director and friend, I look forward to working with him. I have always felt confident in his abilities and believe he'll keep Guilford County on the right track.

The politics around this decision will be debated by many to say the least. The Board has made their decision. My position is simple. I respect David and Willie. I want them both to be successful in whatever reality they find themselves engaged. The County Manager position can be a bed of roses and a bag of snakes...depending on the day of the week.

As a Department Director I'll do my best to make this transition successful.


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