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Monday, June 19, 2006

FY 2006-07 Budget Passed...

(From memo to all staff)

The Board of Commissioners approved the FY 2006-07 budget last night.

This is great news for the Register of Deeds office. As you all know, the implementation of the new computer system is set for July 17th. Our three primary goals have been technology enhancement, internal operations, and customer service. (A fourth priority- records preservation is included) In addition, these priorities were submitted as part of the budget process.

Immediate priorities for FY2006-2007 are:

Complete the RFP process and select vendors to begin the Marriage License Restoration and the Land Records Restoration Projects;

Redesign and refurnish the Vault area of the Greensboro office;

Implement data driven performance measurement in all department areas;

Lay the appropriate foundation for electronic recording;

Develop a customer assessment survey to distribute in 2007 and create an Register of Deeds Advisory Committee to provide ongoing feedback on office operations;

Increase total Register of Deeds Staff Certifications through the NC Institute of Government to 18;

Collaborate with GIS, Tax, Community Development, and Planning Departments to implement an enhanced Geo-Data Viewer with clearinghouse of information.


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