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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Tragedy and West Virginia

I woke up to see the caption in the News and Record "12 Miners found alive", only to see that for 3 hours the families celebration turned to tragedy. I don't fault the News and Record. USA front page as well. They were reporting on information that was released, but never corrected by the company.

But the families of those who died in those mineshafts must be devastated. Personally, I have to remember that I don't really have to work for a living. From the tobacco field, to grocery store, to loading trucks for UPS--to Register of Deeds. Even in my hardest job, I never really have had to work like many of those families. Those folks, have to work for a living. The coal they mine fuels our economy in conditions that endanger their health and well being. Many simply do it for the money. You can't blame them.

I know several things right now. First, those families need our support as a nation through their tragedy and an open ear to hear their working conditions. Second, the company SEGO, who owns the mine, has been cited for major workplace violations (208 in 2005) that directly relate to this tragedy--they should be held FULLY accountable for their actions or non actions related to these conditions. Third, why did this mine not get shut down? I understand W.Va. government officials could have due to the violations? Fourth, what can be done to increase the safety of these workers?


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