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Saturday, March 11, 2006

GOING COUNTRY PART 2: Transportation

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1. THE BIG WHEEL- Without a doubt, the first great transportation memory in 70's. This model doesn't have the plastic streamers, but that's ok. Peddin' on dirt, gravel, asphalt....this was THE FIRST Low Rider. Whether you were in a trailer park, or lucky enough to go brick, Big Wheels are fast, affordable, and get good gas mileage. Fun for all!

2. Tailgates- Ridin'on em and grabbing the latches. Hold on tight. If you are carrying debris, can your converse hit the road or dirt along the way? If going down sandy or dirt roads, seeing the lines in the dirt from draggin' your feet. Jumpin' off before the truck stops. Those tail numbing trips were great!

3. Bicycles-
The pain of shoes stuck in the spokes; tail numbness on handlebar trips; Rough grips on handlebars; THE THROTTLE (Vroomm! Vroom!) 20 yellow lines- the # of lines I passed in a wheelie contest. Ride 'em through ditches and do a wheelie on the other side baby.

4. Farm Equipment- (Future topic)

5. The Dirt Bike- Honda XR-50. Model design of a mota cross mota bike, with the handle and manuverability (yeah, I mispelled it) specifically for a 10 year old. Bought used for $50, but memories priceless. 1 mile- exact distance from my house to the river via dirt road. The smell of gas and oil mixed with exhaust. The tinge of pain from rubbin' your calf against the motor is a guilty pleasure while the air (and an assorment of gnats, dragonflys, and sand beat your face like pellets. Grab it and ride it hard over plowed roads and spin through the puddles!

6. The Tobacco Harvester- While this is for Farm Equipment, driving the tobacco harvester is the height of vehicular upward mobility for the cropper Planting, hoeing, top and suckering are all a part of parenting a young tobacco plant. While the weak and packaging specialists head for the barn, the real men and hard women "Lug" tobacco. With increased knowledge, pacing, and leadership, advancement to drive this beast shows you are a real winner in Goin' Country.

7. Pat and Charlie-
Good ole Pat and Charlie. Couched in Pro-keds, Chuck Longs, boots (never had a good pair) and those affordable plastic and rhythmic $1 pair of flip flops. The heal, toe, socked, unsocked, smelly Pat and Charlie... Let's Roll!
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