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Sunday, March 20, 2005

North Carolina Association of Register of Deeds (NCARD) Conference...

I spent this past Monday and Tuesday at the NCARD Conference in Raleigh. Several observations. First, NCARD is an organization that has REAL bi-partisan unity. Many of the issues addressed like e-recording, etc. cut across party lines. That is refreshing. Second, I am a true minority in the group (being a male). That's ok too. It was so obvious one speaker began his remarks by saying that he felt like a judge at Ms. Universe contest. The women all laughed and the males just looked at each other realizing the speaker had just won over 90% of the room. haha. Third, Guilford County Register of Deeds office has not been the leader of major metropolitan counties (which goes to Mecklenburg and Judy Gibson) in NC. We would be lucky to be in the Top 10. The conference served as an incentive and another wake-up call.

But fourth and most importantly, I am excited because this will all change in the next two years with several goals emphasizing the following: a) a thorough reorganization of internal operations and work flow; b) a firm technological foundation; c) employee and public involvement in the transition; d) and one of the best communications and public service strategies for a Deeds office in the country.


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