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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Blog Conference at Weatherspoon Art Gallery was HUGE SUCCESS!

First, I apologize to those in attendance at the Blog Conference for having to leave for a while to speak to the Senior Democrats. My wife and daughter too, because I got home late (because I just had to drop back by the Conference.) Outstanding! The only word for it....

The quality of the discussion about this new technology was great. The role of blogging in politics was good, but I got the most out of the impact blogging has on journalism and the media. As an elected official, blogging gives me more control over my voice. It can be frustrating when you are misquoted by the media in articles that "just don't get it right". It was captivating to hear fellow bloggers engage representatives from the News and Record, etc., who were in attendance about what makes a journalist, who has and controls "the facts" or "venue" for facilitating the reporting and analysis of the news. While I believe many were pleased with the News and Record's ability to adapt to blogging, there was a healthy debate about the role of the traditional media.

David Hoggard and Ed Cone did a great job of facilitating the discussion. The participants were first rate..... Jerry Bledsoe, Brad Krantz, The "Monkey" guy (help me) made some interesting comments, Allen Johnson and Mark Binker with N&R, Janet Wright, a city councilwoman from Chapel Hill and bloggers from all over the place!

Mike Barber's blog was unveiled... Mike and I had a brief discussion about how difficult it truly is to share information with the public as commissioners. Our deliberations are in "perpetual motion" in many cases and the need for discretion is needed in order to preserve our collective working relationships. But we agreed that this is an interesting challenge and I'm glad to see his blog is up and going!

When's the next one?!?


  • Howdy Jeff,
    Thank you for coming. Make no doubt your appearance will bring you closer to being elected come November. As the campaign manager for Yellow Dog, I am well aware of the importance this new medium provides. I enjoyed your comments both online and in person and have little doubt of your skills as an effective communicator-- the most necessary of all political skills.

    By Blogger Billy Jones, at 9:00 PM  

  • By Anonymous john, at 6:55 PM  

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